Paige Coull Atrevida Bowls


Introducing Paige's newest line.... Atrevida 🌊🌙

The new line is hand painted with watercolours and finished with a satin matte glaze.

Small bowls

She says....
"The Atrevida line is inspired by the soft blush of winter landscape of Gabriola and the Sunshine Coast. It is named in honour of the first Gabriola ferry built over 70 years ago, without which this beautiful community would not exist and I would never have had landed here.

I spend the winters hiking the waterfall trail behind my home along the ocean. There is a small hidden rope along the way where I can sit out on the boulders in the crashing waves and watch the perfect scene of where the sky, mountains and oceans blur together. Atrevida is a ceramic embodiment of that feeling."

Handmade. Each one is unique and may be different than shown.